Qualified addresses and reliable decision maker data are crucial to every lead generation campaign. They allow for various sales and marketing activities, in the long-term too, for example, scheduling appointments for sales representatives or for special mail promotions. But being in possession of many B2B addresses alone does not mean that the contact data is up-to-date and an enquiry will be sent at the right time and received by the correct decision maker - not all generated leads and collected addresses are of the same level of quality. And by the time the sales department has searched through the unfiltered collection of contacts for the most promising leads, there is the risk that the customer is no longer interested. Therefore, professional address qualification is an important step in lead generation and finding new customers, which includes identifying commercial website visitors, verifying available company contacts by telephone and preparing qualified addresses of potential customers as well as collecting valuable decision maker data.

Up-to-date addresses equals more success

Companies with large customer databases reply on up-to-date address lists since the quality of the customer database is extremely important for efficient dialogue marketing. Addresses are a company's capital. The more the company knows about its own contacts and the more up-to-date this knowledge is, the better.

Let us do the unpopular tasks for your sales department, such as qualifying potential customers and available address lists.

Global Economy qualifies addresses by carrying out a systematic quality review of your customer contacts according to pre-defined criteria: Global Economy's sales staff check the current address list and add valuable company information to your existing customer database. Our trained employees will delete any duplicates, compare telephone numbers and enquire after and add any missing data. The telephone calls will generate additional potential that you can use for your future marketing activities, allowing you to find high-quality contacts, maintain and increase contacts and avoid waste circulation. Direct telephone conversations allow for a qualified dialogue, for us to position you as an expert and to prove your skills to the target group. A serious approach and asking the right questions allows us to evaluate the demand of possible customers and make sure that the products and services offered are relevant to each target group. It is not just interested customers with current demand who are profitable; customers with future potential are also important in the long term.

The telephone specialists ensure the quality of potential customers by using an evaluation system tailored to each company. The sales data of a potential customer will be passed on to the sales department for further measures, or an appointment with a sales representative is scheduled only when all the criteria agreed with the company for a qualified lead are fulfilled. Only top quality contact persons are obtained, contacts are always kept up-to-date and proper relations can be developed for long-term cooperation. Due to the personalised structure of the dialogue and individual support, it is very likely that pre-qualified leads will become new customers.

• Identification of commercial website visitors using Lead Inspector
• Verification of customer data generated online
Duplicate cleansing and acquiring additional information
• Qualification of decision makers
with recognition of potential
• Validation of titles and comparison of telephone numbers

You can benefit from this when you choose Global Economy for address qualification

Reduction of waste circulation by categorising contacts
Targeted communication with your purchase decision makers
You save costs and boost your image with clean address data
Relieve your sales department of administrative tasks

Address qualification for reliable data
Scheduling appointments for sales representatives
Professional address qualification
Identifying commercial website visitors
Up-to-date address lists
High-quality database
Generate additional potential
Qualified dialogue
Serious and professional approach to customers
Ensure relevance of products to customers
Criteria for qualified leads