Telemarketing and sales

Systematic and sustainable customer acquisition: To achieve this you need specialists in B2B sales and marketing that know your markets, your channels and know how to deliver top results. Global Economy will help you define your goals and select with you the most effective sales and marketing strategy.
Global Economy is the right partner to achieve your goal in a cost and time-efficient manner.
Our individually selected team for your telemarketing projects is not only proficient in the linguistic subtleties of the target country but also has a sound knowledge of the cultural background and can use this knowledge in a targeted and efficient manner. We know that an exact briefing and solid planning are the perfect starting point for a successful project.
We achieve ambitious goals with an entrepreneurial approach and professional, disciplined and results-oriented implementation.
We have your marketing objectives firmly in our sights at all times. These factors create optimum conditions for the resounding, international success of your project.

The systematic approach to lead generation

Successfully generating leads requires a certain amount of preparation, planning and management. Plan how you can gain new customers more efficiently with Global Economy.

We believe successful lead generation means contacting potential business customers at the right time with the right approach. This will lead to new customers and more sales. Address qualification and reliable decision maker data are key to any lead generation campaign. They allow for various sales and marketing activities, in the long-term too, for example, scheduling appointments for sales representatives to present your products to customers or for special mail promotions.

Our project experience clearly shows the differences between the various lead generation approaches. Gaining new customers involves more than just sending an e-mail once, or a telephone conversation with no follow-up. Strategically planning how to use your options and personally keeping your decision makers informed at all times is the way to generate customer interest for your business.

Our acquisition work is more than just generating short-term leads; we aim to fill your sales pipeline with valuable contacts as well as create promising opportunities in the medium and long term. The aim of each telephone call we make is to arrange an appointment with the customer right from the first contact and to turn potential interested customers into satisfied existing customers. During the conversation, important information on decision makers and specific market data will be gathered in order to generate projects for you from potential customers.

Contact leads successfully
Gain more customers and more sales
Address qualification and reliable collection of decision maker data
Scheduling appointments for sales representatives
Comprehensive project experience
Qualified prospective customers for your company
Long-term filling of sales pipeline
Creating potential business
Generating satisfied existing customers
Increasing sales
Generating valuable market data

Qualified lead generation and professional lead management is guaranteed...

We will support you in defining your target groups and finding addresses, qualifying potential customers by telephone, collecting valuable data on decision makers and making appointments at customers for your sales representatives. Our telephone experts will make life easier for you by taking care of the time consuming task of cold calling and address qualification. Our own company software, Lead Inspector, allows us to identify your commercial website visitors, to verify their company addresses by means of follow-up telephone conversations, to gain more data on decision makers and to qualify them as potential customers.

..with utmost transparency...

Gaining new customers and increasing customer loyalty requires intensive communication with customers on an individual basis. A well-structured CRM database means we can continuously approach, advise and support potential customers and existing customers in each target group. We have been working successfully for many years with a cloud-based CRM system of as a structured company database to record potential and interested customers and to manage and document sales activities. In order for you to access all activities and results of your internal sales by Global Economy at all times, we will create your own personal CRM database with all of the generated data and addresses. This will help you to use the collected customer information, supported by targeted marketing automation, to increase your sales. Cloud technology means you are always kept up-to-date on new addresses, data and appointments and can easily receive information about all business processes relevant to your customers. Constant transparency ensures that you have an overview of the project and can track the progress at any time using your notebook, tablet or smartphone. Individual reports, real-time statistic and analyses ensure that the process is continuously optimised while Global Economy is generating leads for you.

..and an extremely flexible approach!

Global Economy's sales staff work exclusively in your name and can either assist your sales department or reduce their workload in the marketing of your products and services, the initial telephone contact with potential customers, follow-up calls and scheduling appointments for your sales representatives. In addition to direct customer feedback and low contact costs, the benefit of a targeted telemarketing campaign is that plans can be easily changed and improved overnight - and even stopped - if this becomes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or if the desired result is not achieved. In times of increasing flexibility and new sales channels, these flexible sales structures offer an enormous advantage compared to competitors.

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