Global Economy provides tailored B2B research services. We want to help our clients understand their markets, thus allowing them to make better business decisions.

Research Services

We provide all of the services you would expect from an international market research company. Whether you are looking at product, price, place or promotion - or you want a better understanding of your internal or external environment, our wide range of services can help.

Our B2B research services

We understand the complicated nature of industrial terminology, the complexities involved within the decision making units, and the multifaceted applications of business-to-business products. Our teams are highly experienced in finding the most suitable people to interview and obtaining the information required. Below is a list of some of our custom market research services:

Advertising Research
• Branding Research
• Channel/ Supply Chain Research
• Market Entry
• Market Opportunity Research
• Pricing Strategy Research
• Product Development
• Segmentation Research
• Solutions For Your Business

Solutions For Your Business

Every business faces difficulties at one time or another. But what is important is recognising what these issues are and working out ways to overcome them. We offer solutions to help you successfully improve or expand your business.

1. Grow Your Business

Grow with ground breaking intelligence. A growing business is a healthy business. It shows that you can satisfy market needs and encourage new customers.

2. Launch New Products

The word 'new' is one of the most powerful in the marketing vocabulary. We are attuned to progress and 'new' often means 'better' or 'faster and cheaper.'

3. Move Into New Markets

Entering a new market is one of the most important - and therefore most difficult - decisions any company will have to make. Substantial investment is required to establish a presence in new territories, whilst the political, economic, cultural, legislative and technological barriers can also act as a major disincentive to enter new markets.