Let us do the unpopular tasks for your sales department, such as qualifying addresses and scheduling appointments with potential customers. Our trained sales employees can do all of your time-consuming administrative and sales preparation tasks. We will provide support in scheduling and coordinating appointments with your sales representatives. Our effective route plan supports and promotes the efficient use of your sales team. Pool your sales resources by only visiting customers with interest in the products and services you offer. Our telephone specialists ensure the quality of potential customers by using an evaluation system tailored to each company. The sales data of a potential customer will be passed on to the sales department for further measures, or an appointment with a sales representative is scheduled only when all the criteria agreed with the company for a qualified lead are fulfilled

Exclusive and flexible

From project-related cooperation to a long-term outsourcing strategy, Global Economy is your expert partner for professional lead management and successfully planning sales representative appointments for sustainable customer acquisition, loyalty and recovery. Global Economy's sales staff work exclusively in your name and can either assist your sales department or reduce their workload in the marketing of your products and services, the initial telephone contact with potential customers, follow-up calls and scheduling appointments for your sales representatives. The sales staff at Global Economy will support you throughout the entire campaign so that your contact person at Global Economy will always be the same. Moreover, our team is always available and extremely flexible when it comes to carrying out and optimising a telemarketing campaign. In addition to direct customer feedback and low contact costs, the benefit of a targeted telemarketing campaign is that plans can be easily changed and improved overnight - and even stopped - if this becomes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or if the desired result is not achieved.

With a high level of transparency

In order for you to access all activities and results of your internal sales by Global Economy at all times, we use the cloud-based CRM system from salesforce.com customised to the needs of our customers. This means you are always kept up-to-date on new addresses, data and appointments and can easily receive information about all business processes relevant to your customers. Constant transparency ensures that you have an overview of the project and can track the progress at any time using your notebook, tablet or smartphone. The clearly structured handling of customer data also helps you in further planning marketing measures, creating detailed reports and developing recommendations for action.

Professional communication

After developing the CRM database, identifying the target groups and generating addresses, a detailed demand and potential analysis is carried out in preparation for customer acquisition. The Global Economy Business Relations Centre contacts potential customers using a serious and professional approach: Our sales experts can act and react according to the situation, suited to the different management level and the specific industry and will use advertising materials to show them what you have already achieved and where they could use your products and services.

The aim is to awaken and determine basic interest in a certain offer right from the first telephone conversation. Direct contact on the telephone allows us to evaluate the demand of possible customers and make sure that the products and services offered are relevant to each target group by using a serious approach and asking the right questions. If the decision maker is interested, the next step is sending personalised information and sales documents and arranging a follow-up telephone conversation where the potential customer will be contacted again, initial questions will be discussed and a qualified appointment with the sales representative will be arranged.

Direct customer contact greatly increases the chances of long-term cooperation. Due to the personalised structure of the dialogue and individual support, it is very likely that pre-qualified leads will become new customers and increase your sales. You will also obtain valuable customer information and market data for your sales funnel and for planning accompanying marketing activities.

The time that your sales representatives gain can be used for consultations and sales discussions with the customer.

You benefit from:

• relieving your sales representatives of cold acquisition and administrative tasks
optimally prepared customer meetings according to individually defined criteria
scheduling appointments in a professional and efficient manner to increase the number of customer meetings
qualified appointments to increase sales success
• optimal efficiency
and route planning for your customer service
effective management and coordination of sales representative activities
individual reports and real-time statistics

We support you in

• planning and advising you on your strategy to gain leads
• defining your target group and acquiring address data
• identifying commercial website visitors
• identifying and qualifying decision maker data
• analysing the demand and potential of possible customers and partners
• implementing the communication strategy with telemarketing and e-mail automation
• scheduling appointments for your sales representatives
• developing a CRM sales database and a marketing automation system
• Scheduling and coordinating appointments for sales representatives
• Efficient use of sales team
• Expert partner for professional lead management
• Optimised telemarketing campaign
• Cloud-based CRM system
• Constant transparency for your project
• Clear structures for data handling
• Identifying target groups and generating addresses
• Serious and professional approach to customers
• Market data for your sales funnel
• Analysing the demand and potential of possible customers
• Telemarketing and e-mail automation