The specially trained and experienced sales staff in Global Economy's call centre always find the right words to generate leads, can act and react according to the situation, suited to the different management level and the specific industry. Our sales experts will give your potential customers specific information and will use advertising materials to show them what you have already achieved and where they could use your products and services. Best practices based on actual successes will effectively reduce costs and the time required. They allow us to efficiently plan your individual strategy for gaining leads and customers and to send personalised messages to potential customers in each target group.

Direct contact on the telephone allows us to evaluate the demand of possible customers and make sure that the products and services offered are relevant to each target group by using a serious approach and asking the right questions. It is not just interested customers with current demand who are profitable; customers with future potential are also important in the long term. Direct customer contact greatly increases the chances of a long-term dialogue. Due to the personalised structure of the dialogue and individual support, it is very likely that pre-qualified leads will become new customers and increase your sales.

A positive side effect is that your address list is always up-to-date, you are clearly positioned on the market and your brand is strengthened for the relevant target group.

From project-related cooperation to a long-term outsourcing strategy, Global Economy is your expert partner for professional lead management and successfully planning sales representative appointments for sustainable customer acquisition, loyalty and recovery.

We support you in acquiring customers by generating leads for targeted groups. Compared to other marketing tools, we will bring customers on board with our excellent value for money. Contact us! We would like to hear from you!

Our services...
...are directed at:

• companies with products or services that require explanation
• companies with capital goods from IT, telecommunications,
high tech, mechanical engineering or professional services

• companies whose goods and services are directed at B2B companies
• companies that consider lead generation a strategic challenge
• Defining target groups
• Qualifying potential customers
• Cloud-based CRM database
• Marketing automation
• Telephone contact, follow-up calls and scheduling appointments
• Targeted telemarketing campaign
• Flexible sales structures
• Personalised strategy for lead generaton
• Evaluating customer demand
• Turning pre-qualified leads into new customer
• Generating leads for specific groups